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How To: See If Your Website Is Down With CMD
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Posted on July 7th, 2011
HTML Tips and Tricks

Hey guys. Today, Im gonna show you a neat way on how to find out ifyour website is down. As a web designer & developer, I have a fewsites to look after, and when I can’t access them, I panic. The firsttime one of my websites went down, I submitted a support ticket to myhost, when there is actually a really easy way to know if your site isdown. what you need to do is:


Step 1: click start, then in windows XP & Vista, go run, but in windows 7, use the search box, and type in cmd:


Step 2: Now, when it is open, type in “ping” follwed by the website or IP you want to check:

The part I have put in red you will need to look at. The packets, arelittle bits of data sent to the server, and your PC, will wait untilthe server says “Yep, I got that packet.”. Now, on mine, all 4 of thepackets were received by the server, thats why it says 4 received. Ifyour server (or the server your site is hosted on) gives results of 1 or2 loss, then it means that the server is really busy, and is lagging abit. If all of the packets are a loss, then you know your server isdown. I have had people who have said they have been IP banned fromtheir own site, I do a ping on it, and its their server thats down.using this technique, you will be able to find out if a server is down.

Hope this tutorial helped you guys, and good luck!

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