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How to Connect Wireless Printers to Your Computer
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Posted on May 25th, 2012
Windows XP


How to Connect Wireless Printers to Your Computer

So now you have bought a brand new wireless printer and you look forward to start printing your unique pages. First you need to connect your computer to the wireless printer. Keep reading for tips on how to connect your printer to your pc.

First of all remember that in order to connect the hardware, both the computer and the printer must be switched on. As the printer is wireless, it will connect to the computer through your Wi-Fi router, so keep the two close to each other.  Also keep metal objects away since they slow your connection and may stop it.

When you connect your printer to the pc, keep in mind that you still have to configure the printer. This means you first have to install the printer. Usually each printer is provided with a CD-Rom for the installation. So that is your first move, the configuring of your wireless printer.

If you have the CD-Rom, like most new printer do, insert it in your computer and follow the directions. In case the CD-Rom is not in the package, there is no need to panic as your computer is able to recognize any new hardware and configure it.

Now that your printer is officially registered on your computer, you can start connecting it to your computer so that you can print from any place in the range of the wireless printer, without having a cable that connects the hardware.

Assuming you already have a router and Wi-Fi connection, you are not left with much to do. Some printers will let you install the wireless connection when you insert the CD-Rom for the installation of the printer itself. It is likely that during the installation you will be asked the name and password of your network. You can usually find these at the bottom of your router.

Some wireless printers come with a LCD screen. In this case it will be possible to connect the printer and the computer by following the instructions on the screen.

If you have no CD-Rom and no LCD screen do not despair, as you can connect your wireless printer and computer manually. Go to the “start” menu from your desktop and click on “control panel” and then “devices and printers.” Once in this section go on “Add Printer” and then “Add wireless Bluetooth and printer.” This will allow you to install the driver of your wireless printer and connect it to the computer.

In some cases a high security level, farewell, might prevent the printer from connecting to the computer through the router. If this happens, you’ll have to modify the settings of your farewell.


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