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Thank you for taking the time to submit tutorials to our index system. Please note that you can only submit a maximum of 25 tutorials per single submission session, however you can submit as often as you like.


What's the point of having these guidelines? P2L uses a fairly simple set of guidelines that are critical to maintaining our services and to protect the integrity of our listing, offer our users dependable and consistent tutorial links, and continually provide a quality index. If you plan on submitting tutorials to our index, you should definitely read these guidelines at least once and be sure to follow them to eliminate your chances of having a tutorial declined.

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1. No Public Image Hosting

Due to the high amount of traffic we send to tutorials, we ask that your images and content all be hosted by the same domain that is listed as the sourcesite. Most public hosting websites have bandwidth limitations, and quite frankly you should not trust your content to servers and websites that you have no control over.

2. Some Categories Require RELEVANT Avatars

While choosing a category for your tutorial, you will be informed if you are required to submit an avatar. If you are REQUIRED to submit an avatar, please note that the avatar MUST BE RELEVANT to the tutorial you are submitting. DO NOT submit a generic logo or symbol when an avatar is required, it must be relevant to the tutorial itself. A generic avatar is fine for categories that do not require an avatar.

3. No Nudity or Implied Nudity

Pixel2life is a site used by young people, as well as industry professionals and other groups that should not have to encounter questionable content while using this site. Please do not submit tutorials that contain open nudity or highly suggestive content. If you wouldn't look at it with your kids, wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, parents or employer looking over your shoulder, then it's probably not acceptable.

4. Avoid Duplicate Content

We don't mind having a couple of variations on a similar theme in our index, but if it's already been done to death, then it will be declined. Tutorials on common items such as how to draw scanlines or shiny orbs in Photoshop are standard fodder we don't accept. You can see a complete list of common tutorial subjects we decline here.

Still have questions? Be sure to consult the Help/FAQ Area for answer to many of the questions we receive about the submission process, or you can contact us!


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