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Jun 2nd, 2011
We may like to go for a run unencumbered by a pile of gear, or we may prefer to do "snail runs" during which we carry everything we might possibly need. What we carry depends gucci handbags a lot on the circumstances. Here's my personal take on necessary gear: Unless it's full daylight and a clear day, reflective gear and a blinky light are not optional. Drivers must be able to coach outlet online, see you. Also necessary for all gucci outlet runs is a cell phone. I would no more go out without mine than I would drive off without putting on my seat belt. Both items have gotten me out of dangerous situationsāthe cell phone to summon the sheriff's department when I was jumped on a run at 4:30 a.m., the seat belt when my car rolled over and wound up bouncing on its roof down the freeway shoulder. One tip from another runner: If you have an expensive or delicate phone and are worried about carrying it on a run, you can always go to the convenience store and get one of those preloaded throwaway cell phones to use instead. If it gets soaked, muddy or squashed, no big deal. And it means ed hardy sale you can call for help, but nobody will be calling you during your run time.
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