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#278171 New to the forums? Introduce yourself in here!

Posted by Judes on 24 April 2011 - 09:00 AM

Hi everyone!

I'm new to the forum. How is everyone doing?
My name is Judy and I've stumbled upon here by browsing a million websites and found this place to be quite interesting!

See you around :)
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#271338 New to the forums? Introduce yourself in here!

Posted by Faken on 27 September 2009 - 09:43 PM

First time using the forums? Don't be shy, introduce yourself and tell us a little about you and what brings you to our little corner of the web!

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#276039 New to the forums? Introduce yourself in here!

Posted by marten on 22 October 2010 - 11:57 PM

Hello friends

i am marten the new member of this forum. i recently create account on the p2l. i found this is very useful forum.
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#9211 Forum Rules & Guidelines - Please Read

Posted by Faken on 26 September 2004 - 08:46 PM

Ok, here are the rules of the road, take 2!

Welcome to Pixel2life! The administrative and senior staff works hard to provide you with the best learning and friendly community based atmosphere we can. There are a few guidelines and processes that should be followed that will make our lives - and yours - as easy as possible!

This is the General forum. Please post all general topic threads here and not in topic specific forums. Additionally, please do not post website ads/plugs or site support questions here as we have forums for those as well (click on links!).

Site Support: http://www.pixel2lif...php?showforum=6

About critiquing!

Before we start, I would like to point out that MANY posts on this forum are requesting feedback on their sites, artwork, tutorials etc... Please offer contructive criticism or don't say anything at all. We all have to start somewhere, so comments like "That looks dumb" or "You just followed the tut idiot" or "That sucks" are completely unacceptable and will earn a ban. This rule is STRICTLY enforced and is not tolerated from members or staff. So please offer constructive and positive criticism or just move on to the next thread :blink:

Ban Guidelines

1. Posting Outwar links or links like them will warrant a permanent ban. MONEY AFFILIATES, spam links and other schemes are also completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated in posts or signatures. This includes any type of point or subscription based reward programs like free ipods, domain names etc... If you get something by having members click on it, it probably qualifies for a ban. Contact an admin if you're not sure. If you want to earn revenue online, please do so on your own website and not off our backs. This type of violation will result in a warning and then a ban.
2. Ignoring staff warnings or testing patience / boundaries.
3. Racism
4. Posting information not pertinent to the thread with the sole purpose of derailing the discussion (trolling).
5. Flaming will not be tolerated here. If you want to have a "heated" discussion with other members, PM them
6. Troublemaking. Starting problems for the sake of stirring up waves will get you removed.
7. Porn, nudity, links to porn will not be tolerated. We are not a thumbnail gallery nor are we a link database. If you're that hard up, Google your way to happiness. If you have a joke image of some kind or artwork that is not safe for viewing at work, please provide a link to the item and be sure to label it ***NWS***
8. Abuse to staff will not be tolerated under any circumstances. The staff are volunteers, but they didn't volunteer to take your abuse.
9. Abuse to other Pixel2life members will not be tolerated either.
10. Using our forum to promote websites of any kind (other than posting in the websites r' us forum) will earn you a deletion and ban (not necessarily in that order). A link to your website is fine in your sig - we just don't want site plugs all over the place.
11. Posting for someone who is banned can warrant up to a site ban. Additionally, creating a new account to post if you have been banned is strictly prohibited.
12. Creating "Free" banned member threads.
13. Quoting someone, then editing their quote in an attempt to make them look bad or get them banned.


If you would like to sell an object, website, domain or your freelance services, we have classified forums for this very purpose. You can find these forums HERE and bear in mind it costs $5 per ad you wish to post.

Locking / Deleting Guidelines

1. Blatant stupidity.
2. Flaming and usless insults. This may result in a ban.
3. Duplicate threads - by that I mean creating a new thread on a topic already covered in an existing thread. Stay on topic in the original thread and you can avoid this sort of thing.
4. Discussing methods used to aid in the illegal proliferation of copyrighted material is not allowed. If you want to make a political statement by declaring your resolve in not purchasing MP3 music is one thing, but discussing methods on the distribution of such will get your thread locked or deleted. Making a habit of this will get you banned.
5. Disgruntled that your favorite drug is illegal? Email your congressman This is not the site to make such statements.

Signature ("sig") Removal Guidelines

Your signature needs to follow the guidelines posted here in the General Forum. We have people that are on 56k. (Yes, it's true!) Some viewers (including almost all staff) visit this site at work as well.

Overview of Signature Guidelines

1: One (1) Sig Banner per member.
2: These guidelines must be followed. Edits will ensue if they are not. If we need to repeatedly edit your sig we'll be forced to take other action.
3: No nudity whatsoever, obvious, implied or otherwise. Bathing suits are fine, skimpy bikinis are not. Violating this is an instant ban.
4: Sig width no more than 500 pixels, height no more than 150 pixels. This is more than enough room for your creativity.
5: Sigs must be under 60kb. There is no reason for a jpg that is 500x150 to be over 60kb.
6: No embedded sounds in sigs, not even on mouseovers.
7: Symbols or insignia of fallen oppresive/murderous regimes or terror organizations will result in the sig's removal.
8: No dynamic or rotating sigs or affiliate url's.
9: No more than 4 lines of text (80 characters per line)

We have a sig banner restriction script in place as per April 9th, 2007 if you get error messages trying to add your sig banner in it's because you haven't followed our guidelines.

Other Important Information

1. Sigs that cause extremely slow page loads due to slow hosts will be immediately removed and a warning will be placed in your sig area advising you this. Putting it back and causing the pages to load slow again will be an immediate ban. Please respect the others that visit this site.
2. Usage of deragatory terms and profanity in sig images is highly discouraged, and frowned upon by staff.
3. ANYONE caught using an image rotator/dynamic script in their signature will be banned on the spot for 1 week. No warning - no nothing. This will not be tolerated. Continued abuse will result in the removal of everyone's ability to post images in their sigs and we'll keep it text based if necessary. I'm sure no one wants it to come to that, so let's clean it up guys. Static images only please.

Below is a sample of the maximum size allowed.

Posted Image

The list seems long, but if you read it all, you'll realize this is common sense. Please use it, and we'll all get along with monkey love! <3

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#273439 Simple Logo Contest - $25 for 1st place, $15 for 2nd place, $1...

Posted by Faken on 13 January 2010 - 07:48 PM

Good luck to everyone that enters!

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#133321 Forum Rules & Guidelines - Please Read

Posted by Donna on 09 April 2006 - 10:21 PM

Our Forum Guidelines have been updated, please be sure to re-read them specifically the Sig Guidelines, as they have been slightly changed.

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#323158 New to the forums? Introduce yourself in here!

Posted by myworld on 01 March 2013 - 06:40 AM

Hello Members, this is Kavita from new Delhi... i just join it.. hope you all... support me...
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#274680 New to the forums? Introduce yourself in here!

Posted by liufang898186 on 16 May 2010 - 07:43 PM

Thanks for letting me read this great post, keep it up.
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#282219 first professional site - under construction

Posted by WALNUT on 21 August 2012 - 11:38 PM


a microsite im working on for work - under construction - no cart and missing videos.
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#272644 New to the forums? Introduce yourself in here!

Posted by lummy on 20 November 2009 - 11:26 AM

Hello P2L forums! Long time user but only recently wanted to get involved with the community side of things - IT student from the UK studying web design and I'm hoping to fuel my Photoshop addiction and meet some nice people... and of course, learn more!
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#365570 loading ajax script on the home page

Posted by alfnero on 20 March 2013 - 10:32 PM


How I should do AJAX code to request the getSales.php script when the home page of the site is loaded? and display it in a div .


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#171695 How do you hyperlink in flash 8?

Posted by abdullah530 on 26 September 2006 - 10:45 AM

i have been trying to hyperlink my button in flash.
i dont know why its not working
on (release) {
get URL ("http://www.yahoo.com");

its say somthing about parameter
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#287148 Hello from Dan aka Faken - How goes guys?

Posted by danrichard on 10 November 2012 - 09:57 PM

Hey guys! Wow looks very very quiet in here, think we need to spruce things up and get ppl talking again! ;) How have you all been, you guys still checking the forums occasionally? My blog site is back up and running at www.danrichard.com and of course you can follow me on twitter at http://twitter.com/thedanrichard

Starting to get back in to writing tutorials and articles soon, I've been working on rebuilding my old tutorials and old articles, I lost a ton of stuff unfortunately. May even hang out here a bit if you guys show some signs of life!

Talk soon, drop a line don't be shy :)

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#271897 35 PHP programming tips/tricks.

Posted by Yousha(Y.P.Y) on 10 October 2009 - 09:18 AM

1- Do not save included files such as FileName.inc!
Use FileName.class.php or FileName.include.php or...
Or use an HTAccess file to determine the access levels:
<FilesMatch "\.(htaccess|inc)$">
Order Allow,Deny
Allow from localhost
Allow from
Deny from all

# Or

AddType application/x-httpd-php .inc .php .php3 .php4 .php5 .php6 .phphtml
AddHandler application/x-httpd-php .inc .php .php3 .php4 .php5 .php6 .phphtml

2- DONT open/close PHP tags for excessive.

Security & optimization:
3- Start your PHP classes with __construct function or ClassName function.

class MyClass
public function __construct()
# Codes...
# Or
class MyClass
public function MyClass()
# Codes...

If you do not use class inheritance, Start classes and functions with the Final keyword.
final class MyClass
final public function MyClass()
# Codes...

final private function MyFunction()
# Codes...

4- Dont store passwords/Showing values in Cookies(Can be change by hacker)!

5- If you do not use object cloning, add a __clone function in your class(Thats safe):
class MyClass
public function __clone()

Security & speed & optimization:
6- Use $_REQUEST instead of $_GET & $_POST.(REQUEST covering post & get abilities/facilities)

Security & optimization:
7- DONT use SQLite for HEAVY(lol) softwares! Becuse:
No need for server processing! Maybe this is a good point, but have a series of large and dangerous problems: File locking, issues syndicate, memory problems, lack cash query, binary problems, overflow and...
Binary safe! For insert data as binary type, you must first Encode it. So, after a Select, you must Encode/Decode retrieved data(for x times!).
All tables gone locked in operations! So still/bad reading & writing!

Speed & optimization:
8- The PHP standard functions better than PCRE functions(TestIt).
(if you dont need expressions).
str_replace better than preg_replace.
stristr better than eregi.
socket functions better than curl functions.
stream functions better than curl & fopen functions.

Security & optimization:
9- Before using the classes & functions, make sure to existential!
if(!extension_loaded('mysql')): exit('Extension MySQL not loaded.'); 
if(function_exists('mysql_real_escape_string')): mysql_real_escape_string(...);
else: mysql_escape_string(...);
if(function_exists('settype')): settype($Str_Input, 'string');
else: (string)$Str_Input;

Security & optimization:
10- alphabet coding static!
<input name="InpTxt_Username" type="text" value="" maxlength="15" size="15" id="InpTxt_Username">

<input type="text" name="InpTxt_Username" id="InpTxt_Username">
Very different, and instead abuse is.
Even between parameters CSS(wrong):
overflow: hidden; width: 250px; height: auto;
width: 250px; height: auto; overflow: hidden;
Very different, and instead abuse is.
Also between(correct):
$_REQUEST['FormName'], $_REQUEST['SubmitButtonName']... 
[CODE]$_GET['FormName'], $_GET['SubmitButtonName']...
Very different and abuse is in place.
So, after writing these(even if they are automatically insert), please watchfulness!

Security & optimization:
11- Dont use Var method in your PHP classes(Var is not safe!). Var == public(in PHP 5)! use protected/public/private methods instead of var.

Speed & optimization:
12- Use self:: and parent:: instead of ClassName::.

13- Common vulnerability!
Can be:
So careful! Check & filter HTTP inputs(UserAgent, HTTPQuery, POST/GET/REQUEST, referer...)!

14- Set permission of all files to readonly(Also index.html or index.php in empty folders!).

Security & optimization:
15- Dont use short tags like <? and ?> in your codes(short_open_tag). Becuse ttis option is Off! in most servers.

Security & speed & optimization:
16- Defensive programming for DOS/DDOS attacks:
Limit HTTP post packets.
Limit body requests.
Limit file upload size.
Use HTTP/Output compression.
Optimize Client-side codes/files.
Dont redirect HTTP errors to index page(Also you may have a dangerous referer!).
Use standard image formats(JPE, JPG, JPEG...).
Handle repetitions & duplications(Forms, URL, Postback...).

Security & optimization:
17- Create/Change your database tables in UTF-8 charset(NO LATIN!).
charset= 'utf8' collate= 'utf8_general_ci

Software size & optimization:
18- Dont put bad comments or excessive comments like ####################################... or /////////////////////////////////...(This is web programming not desktop programming)!

Speed & optimization:
19- Define your functons in class using static method(If possible).

Speed & optimization:
20- Dont use print statement in web applications!

Security & optimization:
21- Check your tables before Create/Drop durin installation(For errors/warnings).
drop table if exists `xxxxx`;
create table if not exists `xxxxx`;

22- Set a password for database(Dont leave it default).

Security & speed & optimization:
23- Options proposed for PHP.ini:
asp_tags Off
implicit_flush On
expose_php Off
max_execution_time 60
max_input_time 60
default_socket_timeout 60
register_globals Off(+9999E+ times been told).
session.auto_start 0
DATABASE.allow_persistent Off
DATABASE.max_persistent 1
set DATABASE.default_user
set DATABASE.default_password

Session.hash_function 1(SHA1)
mbstring.func_overload to 0(http://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=30766).
Put exec, system, passthru, shell_exec, proc_open, pcntl_exec in disable_functions option
safe_mode On(In normal reason)

Software size & optimization:
24- Clear all index.php & index.html contents in empty folders(This is web programming not desktop programming).

Security & speed & optimization:
25- Make an htaccess file and put this settings into that:
Order Allow,Deny
Allow from localhost
Allow from
Deny from all

Order Allow,Deny
Allow from all
Deny From ""
Deny From ""
Deny From ""
Deny From " "

ServerSignature Off

#LimitRequestBody 1024

AddType application/x-httpd-php .php .php3 .php4 .php5 .php6 .phphtml

AddHandler application/x-httpd-php .php .php3 .php4 .php5 .php6 .phphtml

DirectoryIndex index.html index.php index.php3 index.php4 index.php5 index.php6 index.phphtml

Options All -Indexes -ExecCGI -MultiViews

<FilesMatch "\.(htaccess|sql|session|htpasswd|passwd)$">
Order Allow,Deny
Allow from localhost
Allow from
Deny from all

# Hmmm?!...
<Files "robots.txt">
Order Allow,Deny
Allow from localhost
Allow from
Deny from all

#AcceptPathInfo On

<IfModule security_module>
SecFilterEngine DynamicOnly
SecFilterScanPOST On
SecFilterCheckURLEncoding On
SecFilterCheckCookieFormat On
SecFilterCheckUnicodeEncoding Off
SecFilterForceByteRange 1 255
SecServerSignature ""
SecFilter "delete[[:space:]]+from"
SecFilter "insert[[:space:]]+into"
SecFilter "concat"
SecFilter "union"
SecFilter "select.+from"
SecFilter "select+*+from"

Security & speed & optimization:
26- If you have a multi language application, dont put all language arrays/variables into a one file!
You can do this: global.php, index.php, login.php, menu.php and...

Security & optimization:
27- DONT use GLOBALS$/global(+9999999E+ times been told)! This is scope. Unset not supported. Not safe. not seucre. not *****!

Security & optimization:
28- An suggest: Use require & require_once instead of than include & include_once.

29- After the installation/configuration software, delete setup/installation files & folder.

30- Use switch command instead of multi-conditional(if, elseif...).

Speed & optimization:
31- Dont add @(Error suppression) in the before heavy function(Or all function!).

Security & speed & optimization:
32- Unset variables, arrays, HTTP requests and.. after usage. Plz!
unset($variable, $array...);
# ...
# ...
$obj_myclass= new myclass();
# uages & codes...
$obj_myclass= null;

Speed & optimization:
33- Put your short PHP codes into a html file. Not PHP file.

Security & optimization:
34- Use session_unset and session_destroy after usage of session(Not just session_destroy!).

35- Finaly, check size, resolution and... uploaded images!
Otherwise your file can be:
worm, cookiestealer...

Sorry for bad English. :)

Goodluck. ;)
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#364571 LOOKING FOR TUTORIAL WRITERS! (And some other stuff)

Posted by danrichard on 19 March 2013 - 11:52 AM

Hey guys,

Looks like the buy and sell services part of the forum is gone so thought I would post it here and maybe you guys can spread the word. I am looking for a few of things... first I am looking for tutorial and article writers that can write intermediate to advanced webmaster related content. So I'm looking for tutorials and articles about web services, SEO, Social Media, ecommerce, dealing with mobile platforms etc... basically anything you think would be useful to webmasters. I need experienced writers that know what they are talking about and can write unique content, not repeat the stuff that everyone and their monkey is already aware of.

Second thing I am possibly interested in are tutorial sites that are for sale or perhaps you have tutorial content from an old site that is no longer being used etc... again, these need to be unique, high quality tutorials, not looking for recycled stuff.

And finally, are you good and fact finding and digging up stats? I am looking for researchers that can take a topic and find stats and other information on this topic that is acurate and up to date and send them to me. So for example, let's say I want to know what percentage countries worldwode are accessing twitter, or perhaps I want to know what the current marketshare is for various mobile phone manufacturers.

If anyone is interested in any of these opportunities, please contact me with some additional details and your rate by either PMing me on here or better yet, send an email my way by using me at dan richard d0t com. I am not looking for free stuff, I am willing to pay reasonable rates for quality content.

Dan (Faken)
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#349533 Wow, what happened here?

Posted by clix on 11 March 2013 - 12:04 PM

It's been a while since I've trolled through the forums, but goodness, every post is attacked with spam bots. Then, every tutorial you click is a popover ad that you got to wait x seconds before viewing the page. Has P2L really gone down hill this badly? Would be sad to see it go, was always such a good resource!
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#249025 Best tutorial EVER!

Posted by PSgirl on 03 February 2008 - 06:50 AM

I don't know who is Dane Cook, but those videotuts are hilarious lol
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#386243 PHP File Thread

Posted by mohamedismail on 18 April 2013 - 05:56 AM

How can I get the only name of the current executing file?


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#376310 What paper we all using

Posted by screenprinting on 05 April 2013 - 04:30 AM

In the Current climate with all the Recent Price Hikes in paper im intrested what house stocks most of us are using, i.e. what brand, and if any owners on here wanna say what we paying.

would be intresting to hear from UK printers aswell as Printers from forign Countries.

I'll Start we are using a chinese sheet called colisto from vision. paying now 740 quid a ton before the increases was paying around 630 a ton.
Its a good Bulky sheet but has quite a poor Gloss
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#276700 P2L Getting some GUI Improvements... New Header is Live!

Posted by Faken on 30 November 2010 - 03:15 PM

Hey gang! Just a heads up that along with some coding improvements and bug fixes, we've also been working on some tweaks on the GUI that I've wanted to do for some time now. We actually have a lot going on in various areas and we'll have more updates for you soon, but for now check out the new header on the main site... there's a new large version small version (use the little up and down arrow icon at the bottom right of the green header section to change the header size). Hope you dig it! :) Also working on cleaner version of the tutorial records I think you guys will like and a couple of changes to the footer.

Enjoy and please post your comments :D


PS. Hope you've been checking out the P2L Fanpage for the sneak peeks we've been posting :o
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