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Create a Game Model

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Posted 04 May 2010 - 06:08 PM

The impact of 3D has been everlasting in gaming, and more than likely this is the reason why many have gotten into game art and design. Although playing 3D video games today is amazing the process behind it can be tedious and sometimes even frustrating. In this article Iím going to briefly summarize how you could create 3D Game Models using any animation software.

The process of creating a three-dimensional character or object that is later put into a game sounds exciting (as it is), but in reality it is a static creation cycle similar to how an architect would create a building or design a city. Before you start the real video game work you define shapes, objects, and sizes and then proceed to insert your colors and textures. Of course everything comes ďaliveĒ once you insert the models into the game, because this is the part where the game starts taking its true form. But to create any model in the first place you will need animation software.

Some Popular 3D Modeling Software Applications:

1.) Maya- Considered to be the application at the helm in industry work today, especially in larger video game studios. Like 3Ds Max itís professional and also used to make other media forms like movies; the student version or scaled down version is the most affordable.

2.) 3Ds Max- As mentioned above, 3Ds Max is also popular in the game making world, and you could even say itís widely known for competing with Maya.

3.) Blender- Open source and completely free software package with great abilities, a good start for someone with no budget.

A generic overview to creating your Model:

1.) Much like your own body your bones and joints define how you move; this is what makes up the first step in the 3D modeling process, designing a skeleton for the model.

2.) Design a texture-less skin and colorless one around the bones and joints. It is not meant for appearances, just to see how your model will look in shape.

3.) Adding in detail is the next step, and this occurs as you color in the skin to get the look you want. Then you complete it by adding in necessary parts like eyes, clothes, etc.

4.) Telling the model how to behave by directing what bones and joints will move in what directions. In 3D modeling software this process saves you time because after you dictate the beginning and end locations, it usually automatically fills in the middle steps.

5.) Export the model into a video game design software compatible format. Most 3D modeling software programs have this exporting tool built in, and are able to export to a variety of formats for game development.

In short, creating a 3D game model is not a hard process, but still not a brain dead easy one; it takes dedication and a learning curve to work over. Once this is accomplished you can do this as a hobby or even do it as a profession. Nevertheless, it will take practice, persistence and developing creative talents as an artist.

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Posted 29 October 2010 - 04:57 PM

This is a great article, I'm surprised nobody has commented.

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Posted 07 November 2010 - 10:27 PM

Great article.

Mooey: not a lot of people seem to go on this section of the forum much. I used to try and put in a work here and then before but it's been a whiles now since I've been active on here.

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Posted 04 February 2015 - 10:36 AM

hmmm i cant even get into the "create game" thing, every time i click on it, it sends me to desktop, i dont want to try my levels i have made online, because i havent completed em yet, awaiting your response

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