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How To Search Tutorials on Pixel2Life
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Posted on February 6th, 2007
General Website Development
Part 2: - How To Search Tutorials on Pixel2Life

Pixel2life has over 24,000 tutorials over 21,000 of those are live viewable and searchable to the public, every graphic, web designer and coder should have Pixel2Life as their first stop place for searching a specific tutorial we're sure to have what your looking for even if it's how to get breast enlargements lol yes we even have that. :P If not post in our tutorial requests forum and we'll be sure to find you an alternative or one of the members will write a tutorial for you.

Pixel2Life uses Boolean Search methods.

What is a Boolean search?
Boolean searching allows you to narrow down your search by using special terms before your keywords.
It's very useful because it can help you make sure you don't get 1,000's  of results when you search.
It came from George Boole back in the 1800's
if you wish to go into indepth detail you can read more from wikipedia

With Boolean searching you use the following:
Boolean term                                                Why?
AND                                                               To make sure a keyword is included
AND NOT (ANDNOT, NOT)                                 To make sure a keyword is not included
OR                                                                 To give alternative keywords

But how do we find what we're looking for? Quite easy actually even if you have never used it before, just type in your keywords:- example: sig banner (under photoshop) will bring up 5 pages of sig banner and assorted banner tutorials

On every page of Pixel2life at the top of the screen you'll see:

this has a dropdown selection covering:-

2D Graphics
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Image Ready
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Photoshop
Corel Painter
CorelDraw and Corel PhotoPaint
Macromedia Fireworks
Macromedia Flash
Macromedia FreeHand
Paint Shop Pro
Quark and QuarkXPress
D Graphics
D Studio Max
Autodesk Combustion
Blender D
BodyPaint D
Cinema D
Lightwave D
Maya D
Rhino D
Swift D
Ulead Cool D
Wings D
Audio Editing
Adobe Audition
Sound Forge
Business Applications
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Publisher
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Access
Desktop Programming
C++ General
Visual Basic
Visual C++
Game and Skin Editors
D GameStudio
Game Maker
Valve Hammer Editor
Application Skinning
General Photography
Scanners and Scanning
Operating Systems
Mac OS X
Windows Vista
Windows XP
Video Editing
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Premiere
Avid Xpress Pro
Macromedia Director
Sony Vegas
Website Development
Adobe Flex
Adobe PageMaker
ASP Coding
CGI Coding
CSS Stylesheets
General Website Development
HTML Tips and Tricks
Java Development
Macromedia ColdFusion
Macromedia DreamWeaver
Microsoft FrontPage
PHP Coding
Ruby on Rails

Please Note: This is completely seperate from our Forum Search and will NOT show results on tutorials from the Forums.

As you can see quite the selection choice so your searching has already been simplified for you. All of our tutorials are checked whilst they're in the pending queue and tutorial titles and descriptions changed so searching is made even easier for you. Dead tutorials are removed weekly to keep our database as up todate as it can be.

If you come across a tutorial that's not working please use our report

Did you know that you can now install a Pixel2Life Search Box on your own website so that you and your users can search the Pixel2Life Database direct from your website?

1. Make sure you are a member of Pixel2Life. If your not a member the signup is free and you can do this here

2. Make sure you have a developer key! A Pixel2Life Developer Key gives you access to all our current and upcoming API developer tools, so if you haven't got one, register your key HERE!

3. Fill out the form on the Search Bar API page and it will generate the required code for your site!

4. Paste the code into your webpage and you're done! You can style the form further if desired with CSS etc and if you have any problems post in our Site Support Forum.
Dig this tutorial?
Thank the author by sending him a few P2L credits!


You can read more on me on our staff page:
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