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Making Flash Travel Brochure Easily
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Posted on March 20th, 2012
Adobe Flash

Usually brochure is made from paper. But this time we'd like to introduce you how to present an online brochure. Of course it's not paper-related anymore.


Step 1

Install and Run IncrediFlash XTreme from here

Step 2

Choose Blank Project under Startup window and set the dimension to 800 x 1000 pixels



Step 3

By default a scene named Scene 1 has already been created by the time IncrediFlash XTreme open the new ready project file. Select Scene 1, then under Background property window, choose Image(Fit) as the background. Underneath Background type, click the Browse button to choose the background file. Choose background.jpg file as the background.


Step 4

Insert board01.png, board02.png,board03.png into Scene 1 as shown below


Step 5

Apply Fly-From Left effect, Fly-From Top, and Fly-From Right for board01.png, board02.png, and board03.png respectively.


Step 6

Insert the following single text object for board01.png:
Guilin Tours
Beijing Tours
Shanghai Tours
Huangshan Tours
Tibet Tours

Insert the following single text object for board02.png:
Athens Tours
Corfu Tours
Mykonos Tours
Paros Tours
Santorini Tours

Insert the following single text object for board03.png:
Las Vegas Tours
Hoover Dam Tours
National Park Tours
Grand Canyon Tours
Theme Park Tours

Step 7

Insert the following images respectively for board01.png, board02.png and board03.png: text_china.png, text_greek.png, and text_us.png as shown below:


Step 8

Apply the following effects for china, greek and us tours text objects respectively:

tour effect

Step 9

For text_china.png, text_greek.png, and text_us.png apply the following effects respectively:


Step 10

Insert 2 rectangle objects for each board as shown below:


Under Timeline window, make sure to put the double rectangles above on the top of the names of the tours.

Step 11

Apply Fade effect for 6 rectangle objects above with duration of 1 second as shown below:

effect again

Step 12

Insert "Kilele Travel" text object as shown below:

insert again

Step 13

Insert surfing.png and penguin.png into the scene as shown below:

insert animal

Step 14

Apply Pan/Zoom/Rotate effect for both picture objects above as shown below:

surfing apply

Step 15

Insert the following images in a series:
Arrange them as shown below:


Step 16

Apply Pan/Zoom/Rotate effect to roll_photo.png.

pan zoom

Step 17

Apply Spinner effect to komodo02.png, komodo01.png, gbr02.png, gbr01.png, pacific02.png, pacific01.png as shown below respectively:



Step 18

Congratulation! your brochure is done.

Here is the result:



Click here to play the flash file


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