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How to Recover Music Files for iPod
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Posted on June 15th, 2012
Mac OS X

Recover Music for iPod Touch, Classic

When you're in the business of writing about data recoverytopics for freelancer and profit, there is always a question going: "Howto recover my music files that deleted accidently for my iPod Touch?"

Generally speaking, there is no difficulty in answering such aspecialized question. However, for a newbie of electronic products, orif he is not programmer, it's not easy to figure out an effective methodto fix this problem by himself. So there are lots of scenarios onlineto guide you how to recover lost files for iPod or even iPhone.

In order to give the iPod users a simple and efficienttutorial to solve the problem they asked, I've decided to point the wayin the hope that it will be the most helpful method to fix the problemof iPod music files recovery.

Here are three steps allowing you to undelete iPod audio files successfully and seamlessly.

Step one. Grab a professional data recoveryfor Mac or Windows. Here I take uMacsoft Data Recovery for example.After my testing, uMacsoft program is one of easiest operation, and youdon't need to read user manual at all if you use it for the first time.

Step two. When downloading and run this Macdata recovery program, you should connect iPod Touch/Classic toMacintosh machine. And then click "Scan" button to search the deletedmusic files on this iPod.

Step Three. After a few seconds, you willget a list of scanning photos on the left side of interface, then it'stime for you to select which songs or audio files you want to restore.Just click-on "Preview" button to preview if these files are yourrequirements, if yes, hit the check boxes and then to save them on Mac.

Tip for You

You cannot recover the music files to the same drive wherethey were lost, therefore choose another volume or some external storagedevice such as a USB flash drive to save them safely.

iPod Family

Apple is the most famouse name in MP3 players multimediaportable players. The iPod has taken the music world by storm andeverytime a new one is released it seems to break all previous barriers.The iPod is popular for a reason though. As well as being durable andvery advanced it features access to iTunes. ITunes is the Internet'slargest music store and allows iPod users to download tracks to theircomputer or to their MP3 player. iTunes has also become huge in terms ofpopularity. Here is list of iPod family, how many iPods can you name?

iPod music recovery

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