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How to Recover Deleted Email on Mac OS Lion
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Posted on September 7th, 2012
Mac OS X

Recover Deleted Mailbox on Mac

I did something really stupid... I have been accessing myGMail account using POP access and Apple I switched up toIMAP online, went into Preferences, deleted my POP account andwas about to re-add becoming an IMAP account when I realized that thee-mails inside my inbox were deleted when I deleted my POP account. Ichecked ~/Library/Mail and also the folder were deleted. Is there anywayto recuperate that folder? Not all of the e-mails remain on GMail's webinterface.

For businessmen, email is so important for them. As they haveto communicate with clients, colleagues or boss each day via email. Ifyou don’t have a good habit to backup email files, I am afraid that youmight lost your important files or confidential documents someday. So inorder to keep these files safe, you’d better back them up periodically.Well, how to fix the problem as the first paragraph? How to recover emails on Mac Lion as titled? See my tutorial below.

Mac Email Recovery Software

If you want to get the lost or damaged email files back assoon as possible and efficiently, I suggest you take the 3rd partyrecovery program to complete this task. As there are tons of relatedprograms online for you to choose. If you want to keep a powerfulrecovery software, which not only can restore emails files, also couldhelp you get other files back with ease. I should say, a high pricemaybe your best choice. Generally, if a program make a high price, it’spossible that it recovers as many files as it can. So based on yourrequirement, you are able to choose one file recovery software via price and key features. Here I take file recovery software on Mac for instance.

Things you need – Mac Data Recovery software

Step one. You can search on by typing keyword “Macdata recovery umacsoft” to find out the result exactly. Access itsdownload page and get the free version of recovery software on your MacOSX. Install and launch it just as other Mac applications.

Step two. When launching program, there will be a partitiondisplayed on the program interface. What you should do is to click it tolet software scan. A few minutes later, you will get a list of files onthe left side of interface. Among them, you can figure out that notonly email files are scanned, also other documents such as MS Word,Excel or Powerpoint also can be recovered. In addition, if you deletedphotos or multimedia files like videos, audios on the same partition,this data recovery software has the ability to recover them successfullytoo.

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