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How to Recover Data for iPad
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Posted on September 20th, 2012
Mac OS X

iPad Data Recovery

When searching keywords "forum iPad data lost"on, you will see there are lots of results on google page,almost all of them are looking for correct and efficient method to fixtheir problem of "iPad data recovery".Well, is there an exactly and unique way to help them solve theproblem? I am not sure. But I should say that the methods or scenariosprovided online can be only reference for you. You have to try them byyourself to see if they are OK for you. As each problem has its ownreason and solution.

Extracted one problem from forum below.

I have a MacBook Pro with OS 10.6.5. I am running probablythe most current iTunes available. I checked for iTunes updates beforesyncing my iPad. I have a 64 GB 3G+WiFi iPad. I copied the iPad beforedownloading & updating to iOS 4. Now the iPad has frozen 4x duringthe sync, and iTunes by it. I tried restoring the iPad in the back up,however it freezes EVERY time (lost count after 6 attempts).

After searching fruitlessly for virtually any solution insideforum, I finally removed the iOS update from the iPad Software updatesfolder, because it was the newest thing and likely explanation for thecrashing, and tried restoring the iPad to original settings. Thatworked. However, when I tried restoring from back up, to have my appsetc. back, it froze AGAIN!!! I have been only at that for about 6 hoursand I'm frustrated with Apple, with iTunes, along with my iPad. I fear Ihave lost all of my apps, their data, etc. Frankly I'm pretty peeved!Any help now you may give, I'd a lot appreciate. I anticipate givingApple an earful within the morning. I'm pretty dependent on my iPad forschool (I'm a teacher). NOT happy at this time. I can't utilize iPad inany respect.

First of all, you should make sure the reason why iPad frozenagain and again. I am not specialized in hard disk, so I can not givethe correct or reference answer on this point. However, I can fix theproblem of iPad data lost and how to recover delete files on iPad.

Professional Data Recovery Program

There are several data recovery software programs on the market that are intended to assist you with recoveringlost data. Even though they might be a big assistance with some cases,there are additional times when they don’t a single thing. In the eventof software packages not being able to recover your lost data, you cancount on professional tool to get there for you personally.

As we all know, the operation of data recovery is incrediblytime consuming and requires quite a bit of technical prowess so that youcan recover your data that has been lost. If the recovery is conductedin the wrong way, it can lead to the hard disk being damaged beyondrepair, and potentially the information that has been stored on thetough drive being lost forever.

If you are newbie of software or program, you need to choose easy-to-use application to help you recover data from iPad completely and perfectly. I suggest you have a try to use Mac iPadRecovery software to fix this problem by yourself. Its simple programinterface can make you clear how to do step by step with ease. See videotutorial to get lost files back from iPad.

Mac Data Recovery

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