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How to recover photoshop picture
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Posted on November 30th, 2012
Mac OS X

PSD File Extension

Image file developed by Adobe Photoshop, a specialistimage-editing program; may include image layers, adjustment layers,layer masks, annotation notes, file information, keywords, along withother Photoshop-specific elements.

Photoshop documents support RGB, CMYK, grayscale, monochrome,duotone, indexed color, Lab color, and multichannel color modes. Thecolor mode can be changed within the Image → Mode submenu.

While PSD files are saved in a proprietary format, they maybe opened directly with Apple Preview, which can be included with Mac OSX. They can be also opened from the media programs included withWindows 7 if the correct codec, for example the Ardfry PSD codec, isinstalled. These programs include Windows 7 Photo Viewer, Windows 7Media Center, and Windows Media Player.

If you are designer, you could save your Photoshop files as.psd file extension, as we know that this kind of image’s size is largerthan other format such as jpeg, gif or png. Though, you should back upthem periodically for avoiding losing them, just in case. If you don’thave good habit to back them up on your computer, you might delete orerase them by mistake. So you need to recover PSD file once this case occur.

PSD File Recovery - Scan – Recovery – Save

To recover your lost pictures on computer, you should search arecovery software online. Here I recommend uMacsoft data recoverysoftware, which is easy-to-use program for all Mac users around theworld. Whose simple interface design can make you know how to operate itwithout reading user manual at first. Only two buttons could help youcomplete this task perfectly.

Step one. Download and run PSD File Recovery on Mac.

Step two. Click the hard drive on the program and let therecovery software scan it. The purpose of this step is to searching yourlost files on this partition completely. It will take several minutes.

Step three. When finishing scanning your partition, you willsee a list of files on the program, among which you are able to see yourlost or deleted .psd files there. What you should do right now is tocheck it and click “Recovery” button to save on computer. If you want toview other scanned files, then check them and click “Preview” button todo so.

Picture Recovery

Whether you have it in film or even in digital format, photosand images do carry the risk of damage and loss. Photos are meant tomark special occasions in the life of someone. They can capture momentsthat may never reoccur and often will keep playing in the memorywhenever one looks into the photos. Besides being for purely personalpurposes, photos and images could be for professional purposes as well.Be it product photography for advertisements and promotional, corporatephotography or some different for that matter, it's important to notonly capture the photographs, but protect and preserve it also. Thishowever, is a thing that does not always happen. Things done alwaysarrive nice and happy for every single one under every circumstance.There can be times when the photos get severely damaged or lost. In caseof images in film, photo recovery can be next to impossible. However,the situation is better wonderful things digital. One can say withconviction that it must be easier to recover photos when stored in gifsthan otherwise.

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