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Cold Text Effect - Take your text down to 0C
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Posted on March 2nd, 2007
Adobe Photoshop
In this tutorial we are going to use custom contours to create great text effect. We are going to be making this

To do this we are going to use layer effects but first some background on what we are doing. Contours are on nearly every layer effect and control what they look like. The contour panel may look abit confusing but its really not that bad,

This is the contour panel, as you can see it has a linear graph, there are many preset graphs built into photoshop.

Take note of the load button there we are going to use it for this tutorial.

Now then how do you make custom contours? Well all you have to do is click a point on the line and drag it around, downwards makes it darker and upwards makes it lighter. If you click the the coner checkbox then the lines from the start and end to the point you have selected become linear instead of a curve. Well thats the basics on contours.

Time to crack on with the text. To begin with you will need the font. After that create an image of any size and type in whatever you want. Make the color of the text #3676EB.

You should have something looking like this:

Now we need to apply the layer styles to it!

Make sure you use the correct contour

Font color: #0F478C

Then you should have have

More on contours soon!

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