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Corrupt system file fix.
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Posted on September 24th, 2007
Windows XP
                                      ** NOTE **
For security reasons a back slash can not be used on          
So for the format of this tutorial I have used a forward slash,                           
so where you see a * next to a caommand line, replace the forward slash with a back slash.

Ok so the night before you had a nice happy windows time gaming away and so the next morning you get up wanting to carry on gaming (yeah I know woman just don't understand ah).
So you turn on your system and are confronted with this oh too common message.

Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt
C:/windows/system32/config/system *

** The method described below will only work if you have Restore active. **

Oh yeah! Be aware that this message could also predict a faulty HDD, so we need to first check that this is not the problem.
So toss in your XP disk and boot from it.
At the first screen press r. This will drop to the recovery console. You will be confronted with a message such as:
1. C:/windows *

If you run multli boot options there could be more, if this is the case you should know which one you boot into.
If only was above press 1. If you have an administrator password you need to enter it now.

Now once in the recovery console we need to check that the problem is not a bad HDD, so at the command line enter the following.
chkdsk /p and hit enter twice.

If all goes will the check will get to 100% pretty fast.
If this stage fails then your HDD needs to be replaced.
Once that is done you will need to reboot from the XP CD again.
Some times (but hardly ever) the chkdsk can also fix the problem, but don't rely on it hehe.

Once again like you did before get to the recovery console and if you have restore active (if not activate it now.. you may need it one day!)

Once at the command prompt again you will now do the magic that has never failed me in all the time on XP I have used this method.

At the command prompt type the following in the order they are written. You may loose files and programs that you have installed after your last restore point.

CD C:/system~1/_resto~1 *

Now here will be listed a directory of rp (restore point) files in with names like rp1, rp2, rp3, rp4, etc.
Get to the last one. For the sake of this tutorial let's say there are 65 rp files, well select the one above. So I will use rp64. If you are wondering why not use rp65, well that is the current restore point and not complete, so using that would not be a good idea ah.

So at the moment you are here:
CD C:/system~1/_resto~1 *

So now enter your second to last rp file here, I will use rp64.

cd rp64
cd snapshot
copy _registry_machine_system c:/windows/system32/config/system *
press Y x3.

One file will be copied.
That is it!

Now type exit and press enter and boot from your HDD and carry on with that game!
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