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Posted on October 6th, 2009
General Website Development


Once you are logged in and your account contains P2L credits, you are ready to create ads and run them on! Creating and maintaining your ads is extremely simple and comprehensive, we''re sure you will love using this system. Remember, you are only limited by the number of credits you have on your account... you can create as many ads as you like and run them all at the same time, as long as you have enough credits to assign to each ad. To get started, click on the "Create Ad" tab and you will be taken to the ad creation form.


The first item on the form is the ad format dropdown... this allows you to select the ad position you wish to create. As we continue to grow, P2L will add and improve the available ad placement, so do keep your eyes on the news for new positions as they become available. This guide will cover each field for every available ad position.

Creating a ''Tutorial Listing Integrated Ad''

Our highest performing ad format to date, the integrated ads are the text based advertisements you see blended in with the tutorial listing themselves. You will find 3 integrated ad placements between the first and second tutorial records on the page, as well as 1 placement randomly inserted between the 10th and 15th tutorial records. Below is an example of how the integrated ads look live on the site:


The following list covers all the form fields available when creating a new Integrated Ad:

  • Ad Name - This is a reference name that is only displayed in your management areas. Should you ever have question with your ad and need to contact us, please refer to the ad name. Every ad you create requires a unique ad name.
  • Link Title - The link title is the main title catchphrase displayed on your ad. In the example show above, the link title is the text displayed in the bold blue font type.
  • Link Hover Text - Link Hover Text is the anchor text seen when a user hovers their cursor above the link title.
  • Display URL - The Display URL is the website address shown at the bottom of your ad in the green text type. Many advertisers use special tracking or referral URLs and would prefer that those URLs not been seen. This allows you to specify a clean website address without the user seeing any kind of tracking information or a long non-sensical URL.
  • Destination URL - This is the actual URL the user will be sent to when the ad is clicked.
  • Description - The description allows you to add 100 characters of additional text to your ad and will be displayed in the grey font type under the link title.
  • Avatar - Every Integrated Ad displays a 40 x 40 pixel avatar image next to it to keep it blended to the rest of the content and often an attractive avatar will draw attention to your ads. You have the option of uploading your own avatar (avatars must be 40 x 40 pixels in size in .GIF format, and have a filesize no larger than 5kb) or you can leave this blank and your ad will display with a random avatar from our pool of 25 ad avatars that are already set in the system.
  • Geographic Filter - Our ad system offers geo-targetting for all ads, allowing you to set your ad to display to users from specific geographical locations, or global. By default, all ads are set to global.
  • Category Filter - Many advertisers want to focus their advertising on specific categories. As an example, you may wish to advertise a 3D Studio Max product... by using the category filter, you can specify that your ad is only displayed in the 3D Studio Max tutorial category listings. You can select multiple categories for the same ad, or use the default, which is set to all categories.

The last area to complete is the cost section where you assign credits to the ad. The first box is the total amount of credits you wish to assign to the ad... remember that 1 credit = 1 click. Once your ad is live, you will be able to edit your ad to remove or assign more credits as desired. The second field is the daily limit of credits you wish to spend. You may wish to spread your ad over a full week for example, to test each day of the week to see which days convert the best. This field allows you to tell the system how many credits you wish to spend per day.

For example, if you create a new ad and assign a total of 100 credits to the campaign with a daily allowance of 10 credits, your ad will only be displayed on the site until it has been clicked on 10 times each day. Once the ad has been clicked 10 times and your daily allowance has been spent, the ad will no longer display until the following day. In the case of this example, the ad would last 10 days total until it expired.

Once your ad is ready to go, click the "Create Ad" button at the bottom of the page to save it and submit it for approval.

The Approval Process

Every ad created on Pixel2life must be verified by an administrator to ensure the ad does not contain any unsuitable content for our audience. All ads are approved within 12 to 24 hours unless there is a problem with your ad, in which case you will be contacted directly.

P2L does not allow the following types of ads:

  • Ads with swearing or defamatory text within the ad content
  • Ads that link to websites with pornographic content
  • Ads that link to websites with pirated content
  • Ads that link to websites with racial or hate inspired content
  • Ads that link to any kind of illegal content or activities

Please note there are NO REFUNDS on credit purchases.

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