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Posted on October 6th, 2009
General Website Development


The publishing system is an online tutorial creation tool allowing our members to host and publish their tutorials directly on our website, including all relevant images, videos and attachments for free! Unlike the tutorial submission system, which allows webmasters to submit links to our index to their tutorials on their respective websites, the publishing system doesn''t require the user to have a website of any kind.


We''ve worked quite hard to make the publishing system as simple and easy to use, however there are some limitations and functionality that you may not see right at first, so please be sure to browse the entire help section to learn all about the hidden tools and functionality so you can get the most out of hosting and publishing your tutorials with us.

Remember, you are awarded 250 P2L credits for each tutorial you publish that is accepted in to the main P2L index PLUS you are rewarded an additional 50 credits for every 1000 views your tutorial receives! Did you write a high quality tutorial? We should also mention tutorials with high quality content will often be rewarded by other users sending you appreciation credits. If you consistently publish high quality tutorials with us you may be assigned the status of Premium Publisher, which means that all publishing related credits you receive for traffic or accepted tutorials DOUBLE! This means 500 P2L credits for accepted tutorials and 100 for every 1000 views your tutorial receives.

You can then use those credits to run ads on Pixel2life using our advertising system, purchase prizes and swag from our rewards area, or participate in the credit lottery... The choice is yours!

Please note that the publishing system is NOT for posting links to websites, promoting products or otherwise trying to sell products or have P2L users navigate away from the site. It''s important that all images, videos, attachments and other materials be uploaded using the attachment management areas and embedded within the tutorial itself. Any tutorials written in our publishing system that access outside materials will be deleted from the system. Linking to freeware or open license items necessary for completion of the tutorial is acceptable.

All publishers are welcome to post a link to their website or blog to help promote themselves by adding the link to their publisher profile settings. Once the link is added, it will automatically show up underneath all tutorials in the author information box. Please don''t promote within the tutorial''s content area itself.

The Publishing system is quite extensive and requires quite a bit of documentation to fully cover, so you will find this area broken down among several chapters:

  • Creating Tutorials
  • Using the Editor
  • Managing Images, Videos and Attachments
  • Managing Tutorials
  • Miscellaneous

Please proceed to the next page and we''ll get started!

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